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Dear Teacher Amy Husband




by Amy Husband Book Deals of The Week - Kindle edition. Amy Husband's "Dear Teacher" is a hilarious, heart-warming look at what life is like to teach the next generation of kids. Dear Teacher by Amy Husband - free epub. To be honest, I liked the book for the subtle hints and clues regarding her daughter's teen years and the idea of it making it all the way to middle school. I enjoyed the idea of Michael being a teenager, one of the kids he might have been friends with in the beginning of his teaching career. The humor, characters, and descriptions were fun, easy to read, and detailed. There were a few things that I didn't like, however: 1) When Michael first steps into her classroom, she comments that he looks "like a refugee. And his new first period book, "Dear Teacher," was more than a little awkward. And though Michael makes a great effort to get on the teacher's good side, it was at first hard to feel sorry for him, in part because it felt like he was manipulating the teacher. And though I don't want to make light of the bullying, I just wished it was handled a little better. I was glad to see how much Michael cared for his students and how he tried to help them. It's just that, because of his job, his students aren't like other people's, so for him to understand them, he has to try harder than some of his other students. Of course, I don't want to make this book sound like it's only about bullying or how Michael helps his students, because that isn't the entire point of the book. 2) My biggest gripe with the book was the constant changing of themes. The book begins with Michael being teased because he's " a carpetbagger" who has no idea about his new school and its history. Next, the book shifts to him deciding to ignore the teasing because it can't be helped and because he's "a grown-up now," and because no one would be interested in him if he "pretended he liked people." 3) The book also jumps between the teacher and Michael, which made it hard to figure out what Michael was thinking about what was going on. For instance, on one page, the teacher says, "I know why Michael's looking at me funny," and later, "I wish I could just make him stop looking at me like that." 4) The book ended with a little scene





Dear Teacher Amy Husband

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